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LEGO® Education: Building lifelong skills at Penpol School, Cornwall

Penpol School, Cornwall

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Hands-on, STEAM and computing resources from LEGO® Education helps pupils to build key skills.

Hands-on, STEAM and computing resources from LEGO® Education helps pupils to build key skills including problem-solving, creativity, time management and resilience; all incredibly vital when it comes to preparing them for success in their post-education careers. One school benefitting from the use of LEGO® Education products to help enhance teaching and learning is Penpol School in Cornwall.

Teacher, Jacob Woolcock, explains: “We put creativity at the heart of our curriculum and aim to give all children the confidence to become life-long learners. After experimenting with LEGO® Education’s WeDo 2.0 at Bett, we realised not only how powerful it was, but also how simple it was for children to use. The hands-on element means it can be used across various different lessons and helps develop pupils’ digital and soft skills in a fun and engaging way that doesn’t feel like a traditional lesson.”

The sets are used with reception pupils right up to year six classes. The school teaches computing as a cross curricular subject and finds that the LEGO® Education sets are ideally suited to this way of learning. Jacob continues: “The children might be designing buildings or tower blocks in design and technology and they could use the WeDo 2.0 earthquake simulator to actually make their models and test them to see if they work.

“It’s first and foremost taught children how to master computing and programming in the context of science but beyond that, it’s also helped to teach them various skills including problem-solving, resilience, collaboration and time management; all of which will be essential throughout their lives.

“It brings coding to life and makes lessons a lot more interactive and that’s often the key when it comes to grabbing pupils’ attention!”

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