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Leighton Park School

Leighton Park School

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Leighton Park School has been part of the youHQ mission since its inception back in 2020.

The logo and crest of Leighton Park School, the inaugural youHQ wellbeing school

Leighton Park School has been part of the youHQ mission since its inception back in 2020. During the first lockdown, the Secondary Independent school based near Reading used the youHQ wellbeing and goal-setting platform with one year 8 tutor group and a handful of elite athletes to see how it fared with some of the world’s toughest critics, CHILDREN!

Now, one year on and with a huge number of developments, the school is using youHQ with the whole of year 7 & 8 (affectionately and collectively known as ‘Fryer’ which links to the Quaker founders of the school) with fantastic results.

A selection of students from the year 8 cohort were asked generally how goal setting helped them during this most difficult of years. One student said;

“by making actions within the goals it helped me because I felt like I could take them one step at a time.”

Another added;

“when you achieve a goal it makes you feel good because you know you’ve completed something.”

The students at Leighton Park have used youHQ in and out of lockdown. During the latest stay at home one student explained;

“It really helped me stay in touch with my tutor and make a connection as we had more to talk about and they knew what I was trying to achieve. The fact I’d shared my goal was initially a bit nerve-racking but actually really help motivate me to achieve it. We had loads to talk about and it was great for the tutor/tutee relationship.”

Students have been working through and reviewing goals with their tutors since being back at school. When asked how the review process worked a student added;

“reviewing goals with my tutor was good because I could share what I was doing. It was also fun because I could talk about interesting, enjoyable things and not just work. I liked my tutor knowing I was making progress and we could talk about this more.”

Leighton Park continues to use youHQ with over 100 students. As many schools return to some form of normality, they believe the relationships they have with students has stayed strong and in most cases continued to grow as a result of using youHQ. Students set goals, share them, review them and log and track perceived level of mood, wellbeing and personal development. 

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