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Patcham Junior School save thousands of pounds and significantly improve parental engagement by replacing their school communication with SchoolPing.

Patcham Junior School

Patcham were looking for a communication system which would eradicate their costly texting solution, as well as improving communications

Increased engagement with parents

The school have seen a huge improvement in parental engagement and an increased response rate to messages they have sent out. They have had some great feedback from parents who are loving the slick new way of receiving communications from the school – especially the fact that it is real-time and available at the click of a button.

Responses to messages have significantly improved and the school can now see who has read or received messages, allowing them to re-target those recipients who have not engaged with messages first time round.

We have seen a big improvement to the responses we have received from messages and we love the fact we can see who has received and read the messages we send out.

No more message restrictions

The school are now enjoying unlimited messages with no restrictions on character limits. Prior to this they were spending thousands of pounds on text messages and were frustrated by having to squeeze the message content into restrictive character limits.

Managing parents evening and forms all under one roof

One of the main benefits for Patcham Junior School is that they can now manage their parents’ evening and permission slips with SchoolPing.

Set up for both is super easy and once complete, they send out a message to parents. Parents simply book their appointment or give their consent to the message instantly via the app. Re-targeting parents who have not responded is all done via SchoolPing so reduces a huge amount of admin time usually spent on this.

All information is real-time, so parents can only book the slots which are available at the time they respond – this saves the team a lot of time as they are no longer having to reschedule appointments.

Instant cost savings

We estimate that Patcham Junior School will be saving approximately £3,935 every year and although the school has not started to measure the exact savings they have already seen the eradication of costly texts bills every month, giving them vital funds to plough back into the school.

The app is really easy to use, especially the parents evening aspect.

We would definitely recommend SchoolPing to other schools. It comes with unlimited messages and the ability to manage parents evening and forms in one seamless solution – plus we no longer have to use our previous expensive texting package.

Visibility into communication reach

With their old communication solution, Patcham were unable to determine which parents had read or received the messages they sent out. This made it hard to re-target parents or measure the effectiveness of their messages. They can now pull reports easily – making re-targeting simple and effective.

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