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Qaim’s Testimonial on EDClass

Small Heath Academy

Qaim, a year 11 student, discusses his time on EDClass and how it helped him get the grades he needed to attend his chosen college.

This video is a student’s perspective of the EDClass platform and how it helped him with his learning with also his father’s input.

Qaim was a student who struggled to concentrate when at school and became disenfranchised with his learning.

His school, still wanting to support his education, discovered EDClass, allowing him to continue learning and re-engage him.

The one-to-one support from EDClass’ teachers helped Qaim achieve grades he may not have acquired if he was still in a mainstream setting.

EDClass is very proud of Qaim as he epitomises how the platform can help students in similar situations to achieve their educational potential. For more information on EDClass call 01909 568 338, send an email to [email protected] or visit

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