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Snap Science testimonials

Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School

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What schools had to say about Snap Science

Hertingfordbury Cowper Primary School, Hertfordshire

“Since introducing Snap Science into the school we’ve seen a new interest in science for the children and an excitement in their learning. The Children absolutely love it [and] the standards have certainly gone up. I’m really thrilled as a Head Teacher for what it has done right the way across the school. Above all it has given teachers confidence.” Alison Richards, Head Teacher

“It focuses on activity based lessons, so a lot of the formative assessment is through questioning. This is fantastic because you definitely get more of an idea on whether children understand.” Kate Atkinson, Year 4 Teacher

“I love using it… as soon as you approach a topic you have the knowledge, and you feel so supported.” Lorraine Hemmens, Deputy Head Teacher and Year 6 Teacher

“You get them seeing and experiencing what they’re learning and therefore they remember it… It’s not neat and tidy or teacher controlled, it is very much child led… [and] the results are so much better.” Lorraine Hemmens, Deputy Head Teacher and Year 6 Teacher


Crosshall Junior School, Cambridgeshire

“To support planning and delivering the new science curriculum, we purchased Snap Science. Each lesson starts with an opportunity to explore, before going into fun activities for the children to complete. There are three levels of differentiation planned for in each lesson and resources to support these, as well as video links. Resources are available in Word format so these can be amended to support children in relevant ways. The teachers in my school are enjoying using the Snap Science planning and delivering the lessons. The resources are well matched to the New Curriculum and each unit ensures progression. The modules within Snap Science also cover a range of enquiry types which is an essential aspect of the New Curriculum. There are assessment opportunities built in which enables teachers to track the progress of the children.” Chris Dorey, Year 3 Teaching Team Leader

Mottingham Primary School, London

“Snap Science has proved to be a fantastic time-saving resource for our school. The lesson plans are clear; the suggested activities are engaging and the on-line activities are a welcome time-saving resource for our teachers to use. I would certainly recommend Snap Science to other schools.” Alison Pugh, Assistant Head Teacher


Kingscourt School, Hampshire

“I teach years 4, 5 and 6 science and use Snap Science as my main resource. I particularly like the years 4 and 6. The website is easy to use and the animations, videos and slideshows are excellent. The extended learning lessons are creative and fun to teach.

My colleagues are happy with the other years and the books look as if the children have had fun with learning. We will be using the Snap Science target sheets from next year for all year groups, they look straightforward and easy to use. We have been sent an overview which we will use as our medium-term plans.

Overall we are very happy with Snap Science!” Sonia Wenberg Moller, Teacher

The Wroxham School, Potters Bar

“I am delighted to endorse Snap Science as an excellent, enquiry-based approach to primary science within the new curriculum. The innovative ‘beyond levels’ assessment tools are designed to ensure that every child accesses learning in a manner that is meaningful, engaging and challenging.” Dame Alison Peacock, Head Teacher

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