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Tigtag Junior – Why teachers love it!

Calderwood Primary School, Rutherglen

Age Range

Tigtag Junior: KS1 Science Made Easy – And Fun!

“Young children especially are particularly inquisitive about the world around and them and have questions that I don’t necessarily have the answers too, but with TigTag Junior I can find out the answers to their big questions.

One of the topics the children have been learning about is forces and they understand a force can be about a push and a pull. It’s nice for them to look at the force of gravity. The TigTag Junior videos have really high quality images in them, ones I probably wouldn’t be able to find if I searched for them myself. But not only that, they’re tied together with a really clear voice over which ties the learning in for the children and the key vocabulary highlighted for them. Also they’re just the right amount of time to capture their imagination.

It’s great to have a bank of resources which go with the TigTag Junior videos. There are lesson plans there for teachers who are maybe not confident in teaching science and it gives step by step instructions to follow.

The children at that age love playing games and a lot of the ways they learn is through play. So having something interactive that they can go and try is great and hopefully by getting them engaged and motivated they can continue with their love of science and find learning easy”

Stephanie Sangray, Calderwood Primary

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