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Waterfield Primary School save thousands on their parent communications

Waterfield Primary School

Waterfield have saved £400 a month on text messages by switching to SchoolPing

Using text messaging as their primary communication tool, Waterfield were burdened with costly texting bills totalling over £400 every month. This not only limited the amount they could communicate with their parents but also hindered the type of information they could share.

By switching to SchoolPing they have eradicated their texting costs and now enjoy the freedom of sending unlimited messages, with unlimited characters as well as the ability to share newsletters, photos, videos and more with their parents.

Linda Cowley: We chose SchoolPing for the free messaging, it has saved us £400 a month almost instantly!

Waterfield are now saving approximately 119 admin hours on parents’ evening and permission slips!

In addition to the time spent on newsletters and texting, the school admin team were spending excessive hours on creating and managing permission slips and parents’ evening. Coupled with the time it took to re-target parents they don’t hear back from first time!

Permission slips are now sent out and managed through the app. Not only does this feed the 21st century need of the parent by making these instantly accessible – all responses are collected and fed back as soon as the parent responds. The data is collected and available at the click of a button – plus the school can easily target parents they are still waiting to hear back from.

No more creating forms and printing, no more distributing forms into hundreds of bookbags, no more organising diaries and timetables!

Wright: The electronic forms were a big part of us choosing SchoolPing. Plus, we definitely saved a lot of time with the newsletters.

The saving doesn’t end there with an estimated £3,150 saving on printing costs

By moving their newsletters, letters, parents evening and permission forms to SchoolPing the school has estimated a cost saving of £3,150 on printing alone for this year.

With just their annual fee, they no longer have to consider fluctuating text bills and there is no limit to amount of times they can communicate with their parents

Steven Chambers: SchoolPing has had a huge impact on our school community. Parents, teachers and all staff have loved having the facility to send messages without the worry of cost!


For Waterfield Primary, SchoolPing has proven to save them time and money! SchoolPing has been a hit with staff and parents, and has greatly impacted their school community. They can now happily send messages to parents without worrying about the cost of each send!

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