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Why Teachers Love Tigtag

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Why teachers love Tigtag, the complete online resource for Primary Science

Tigtag is perfect for the non-specialist teacher

“In primary schools we have to be the master of several subjects. Tigtag provides the background information required to allow you to have a deeper understanding of the topic you are teaching.” Olivia Wexelstein, Wellwood Primary School

Tigtag is matched to the curriculum

“The factual content of the science curriculum is available in such a way that children are ‘wowed’ and their attention grabbed.” Peter Sainsbury, Winterbourne Earls School

Tigtag visualises conceptual learning

“Tigtag allows you to teach different learning styles so, with visual representation, students can understand difficult concepts.” Fiona Hardie, International Primary School

Tigtag engages students and enriches lessons

“I think it is amazing – it is definitely unique, I haven’t seen anything else like it.” Robert Havercroft, St. Gabriel’s School

Tigtag Building teacher confidence in delivering the science curriculum

“Before I became a teacher I had very little science knowledge apart from what I learnt at school. As a teacher, knowing that I have a resource that lets me check my own knowledge of a topic first, so that I feel confident teaching it, is just invaluable.” Stephanie Sangray, Calderwood Primary School

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