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Why Teachers Love Using Tigtag CLIL

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“We’ve been using Tigtag CLIL for our project about plants and the videos are just amazing”

“We’ve been using Tigtag CLIL for our project about plants and the video’s are just amazing: the language and the images. I just watched those about the plants, and the quality of the images is awesome, how plants develop their parts with the fast camera playing is great to see and you get to understand the complete process of the growth of a plant. 

 It’s really helpful that I’m now able to adjust the difficulty of the language used in the videos. The kids love the puzzles, the odd-one-out videos and quizzes as well! I usually use them during snack-time as a warm up, a reminder or a quick review. 

Every TigTag CLIL lesson comes with a set of support materials, all written in clear and easy-to-understand English, which means all of the lessons now are really well structured. The worksheets are also clear and helpful and it really does make my life easier, which is ideal for any teacher whether they are teaching in a second language or not!

There is so much choice of what to teach because of the number of topics covered in TigTag CLIL. From the solar system to the brain and body, it covers the curriculum in good details whilst also providing context behind science.

It really is the perfect resource for teaching science for both the learner and the teacher!”

Ana Belén Gómez, Natural and Social Sciences Teacher, Spain.

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