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Social Distance Timetabling – Smart scheduling to reduce infection risk


This article is republished from BESA Launchpad subscriber Edval Education and is available as a comprehensive eBook for download on timetabling for reducing Covid-19 risk in schools.

Covid 19 has brought challenges to schools especially. Some countries closed them in the crisis, while others such as Australia, kept them open. Hard to know exactly what’s best in such bizarre situations that have never been encountered before at this global scale.

One common message has been to limit social contact, in order to slow the virus propagation, allowing health authorities more time to cater to the ill, without overloading facilities and health staff. This is known as social distancing, to reduce the number of, and significance of any contact between people.

Schools have a lot of students and teachers, who all spend a lot of time in close proximity, which is a concern for virus storms like C19. Keeping schools open at these times allows many parents to continue working as health professionals, when they may be otherwise recalled home to mind children. It also removes contact between aging grandparents (more at risk) and children, if they are being minded by them instead, if their parents need to work. So if school does need to remain open, how can we mitigate the virus risk by smarter timetabling?

Download the complete eBook below.

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