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C-Live, Connect (VI Resourcing)

Bath Spa Case Study

Bath Spa University

Age Range

Bath Spa University are harnessing virtual reality to deliver outstanding teacher training programmes.

The challenge:

Over the last few years university application rates have consistently dropped. Furthermore, student satisfaction rates have dipped with less than 40% of students believing their university course is providing value for money. The teaching profession is also facing retention challenges ,and many new teachers lack confidence in classroom management.

Bath Spa university realised an innovative approach to teacher training was required.

The requirements:

To provide an innovative training solution to support all teacher training programmes across the Institute for Education. The solution needs to address the main challenges of recruiting and retaining new students on their initial teacher training programmes, and to support additional learning for teachers in improving and excelling in classroom management.

Connect Training Solution:

As the UK’s first virtual reality training tool, the platform provides the perfect environment to support teacher training.

It allows teachers to practise and perfect their techniques, and build their confidence in a safe environment outside of the classroom.

Participants are able to master the complex interpersonal skills they need in their working lives; whether interacting with pupils and parents or, as their career progresses, leading teaching staff.

The classroom build includes avatar pupils who have unique personalities, and the number of avatars and builds enables a wide variety of training scenarios. All the interactions are live, with simulators operating the avatars in real time. This allows participants to see the immediate effects of their actions and test different approaches in handling , in a realistic classroom environment without impacting on a real class.

As C-Live is an online platform that requires no investment in software the tool can be easily accessed both across the campus and offsite, which is crucial in supporting Bath Spa Institute of Education’s training and outreach programmes and partnerships with DfE and Chartered College.

Key benefits:

C-Live offers an immersive teacher training solution enabling experiential learning in a virtual environment.

Easily accessed online, with no special equipment necessary.

Scenarios are tailored to meet specific needs and support individual learner progress.

Live real-time interactions.

Training for all levels, from initial teacher training through to school leadership training

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