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BOFA KS2 – Maths & English, Planet BOFA

BOFA KS2 teaching saves our teachers time and helps track progress efficiently

Arnold House School, Trevor Roberts School, Pinewood School, Newland House School

Age Range

Planet BOFA saves pupil and teacher time by only teaching students the topics they don’t know.

How schools use us

BOFA is an online formative learning platform. It’s a flexible resource utilised by schools in a variety of ways: as a classroom resource, homework tool or as a lunchtime club. Pupils learn to work independently and at their own pace, with our bespoke approach focusing only on their weaker areas – no time is wasted on what they already know.

“It is a great addition to the school community.”

“Cost effective, easy-to-manage” Maths and English support

BOFA KS2 is our key product for providing Maths and English support for all KS2 pupils. For schools situated in authorities using the 11+, we also offer BOFA 11+ which combines the KS2 subjects with the addition of Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning material. Tom Trevor-Roberts from the Trevor Roberts School calls BOFA “very cost effective and easy to manage” with praise for our “excellent, simple service” that makes “adding or adapting accounts very quick with a single phone call.”

“Encourages independent learning”

BOFA is fully-automated using the best of AI technology. Schools often commend the minimal input needed by teachers for pupils to succeed with us. Pinewood School pupils use BOFA to complete English and Maths activities. Eleanor Lyon Taylor says BOFA “encourages independent learning” and provides “user-friendly programmes with clear targets”. The self-marking facility and feedback function ensure pupils take responsibility for their learning and helps them to spot their own errors.

“encourages independent learning”

In-depth progress tracking

The system provides a range of progress reports at pupil, class, year group and whole school level, making it easy for teachers to identify topics where pupils require extra support, as well as tracking overall attainment. Newland House School uses BOFA with its Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils. “BOFA helps our teachers assess the level children are working at” says Charles Brenan. “You can link the individual childs’ account to their teacher so teachers know how frequently they are sitting the tests.” As a resource built by teachers, we always prioritise pupil performance while saving precious teacher time.

“Learning outside of the classroom”

David Cox, Head of Years 5 and 6 at Arnold House School praises BOFA’s utility outside the classroom. “BOFA has been great for our pupils continuing their learning outside of the classroom. They can access their Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal in any part of the world. It is very straightforward for the pupils to access and allows the children to have their progress tracked by their parents and teachers. It is a great addition to the school community.”

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