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BOFA KS2 teaching saves our teachers time and delivers formative maths and English learning

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Proud to be different, Planet BOFA tests, teaches, retests and tracks student progress; personalising the process with formative learning that accelerates success.

BOFA is a unique online learning platform, where every question comes as a triplet. Initially a summative assessment, followed by differentiated explanations and practice, then a formative assessment, creates detailed subject reports to compare learning needs across existing and historical cohorts.

The KS2 English Reading resources supply 65 pre-prepared class, homework and teaching assistant resources. You can display the extract on the board and have a classroom discussion about the text. Our wide range of extracts will keep pupils interested. The exercises are done online, either in class or for homework. The practice and explanations can be done independently, or for those pupils with learning support in one-to-one time. The following week, pupils do a new extract and the similar retest questions from the previous extract. This allows complete differentiation.

KS2 Maths is often used by teachers to help check up on knowledge and mop up areas for improvement. Once you have finished the learning at each specific level, pupils take the initial summative tests, assessing retained knowledge, we then teach the weaker areas following by formative retest.

Due to the nature of BOFA, if pupils miss a lesson they can easily catch up missed work in the same way that the KS2 English Spelling tests can be done at any time rather than as a whole class task.


£1.90 per pupil

Subscriptions are on an annual basis from £1.90 – £5.60 per pupil.

Trial Options
1 month

Free to all schools for the duration of any enforced closure due to Coronavirus.

BOFA KS2 teaching saves our teachers time and helps track progress efficiently

Case Study

Planet BOFA saves pupil and teacher time by only teaching students the topics they don’t know.

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