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KS3 Maths Frameworking (third edition)


Enable all pupils to make the right progress with a carefully sequenced Maths curriculum

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Online Teacher resource, powered by Collins Connect, that enables all pupils to make the right progress with a carefully sequenced curriculum which builds mathematical knowledge and skills systematically

  • Ensure all students have high expectations and are working towards mastering a core body of knowledge
  • Make connections in maths with synoptic questions at the end of every chapter
  • Link mathematical ideas and show the relevance to everyday life with ‘About this chapter’ and reasoning and problem-solving activities

Implement a rigorous, well-paced curriculum which prepares pupils for GCSE 9-1

  • Consolidate and revisit learning with thousands of differentiated practice questions and clear worked examples
  • Draw on years of classroom best practice with detailed teaching notes and planning guidance in the Teacher Guides
  • Ensure everyone keeps up with quick and early intervention with write-in supportive workbooks
  • Develop mathematical reasoning and problem solving from the start with questions clearly flagged throughout the course
  • Provide plenty of extra differentiated practice for homework with bespoke Homework Books

Evaluate what knowledge and skills pupils have gained

  • Assess pupils’ progress with half termly tests and end of year tests on Collins Connect
  • Inform next steps in teaching and learning by spotting gaps in learning from individual and class feedback on auto-marked tests
  • Check and assess achievement against expectations with Ready to Progress? checkpoints

Collins Connect

  • Assess students’ progress with half term tests and end of year tests to check they have the knowledge to move on
  •  Save time with auto-marked homework for every lesson
  • Use ‘front of class view’ on the whiteboard for front of class teaching with page-to-page match with the pupil books
£250.00 per annum

1 year subscription – £250 + VAT

3 year subscription – £700 + VAT

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14 days

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