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A world-leading video learning resource platform

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A world-leading video learning resource platform

ClickView is the leading video content resource for primary schools, secondary schools and further education settings. Access visually stunning, curriculum-aligned video content and teacher resources, plus contextual on-demand TV, your own video library and interactive question layers for formative assessment. Trusted by over 4,000 schools and colleges, we put world-class video content for effective teaching and learning at the fingertips of educators and students.

World Class Video Content

ClickView has over 4000 visually stunning, curriculum mapped videos, across a wide range of subjects and stages.

  • Educators can rely upon quality video and supporting resources including quizzes built into videos, to enhance lesson delivery
  • Students can lead their own learning, accessing content in a safe environment, learxning at their own pace and supporting mastery

Broadcast TV

ClickView makes available the last 28 days from 24 Freeview and 8 European satellite channels as well as a permanent curated repository of over 20,000 subject relevant broadcasts from feature film to documentaries and news. We also provide ‘BBC RES’, a collection of all digitised BBC programmes screened since 2008 and the Shakespeare Archives.

  • Teachers bring real world context and relevance to their lessons
  • Search every word spoken; we search subtitles, then present back each reference and take teachers directly the appropriate point in the broadcast

Formative Assessment

Videos in ClickView can be transformed into an active learning experience, by overlaying set’s of interactive questions onto the videos, turning passive viewing into active learning, promoting questioning in the classroom, and supporting independent and out of school learning.

  • ClickView Original videos come with pre-built interactives
  • ClickView provides real-time analytics of student achievement, as well sections of video viewed/not viewed
  • Educators can add their own questions into any video using our simple tools
  • Gaps can be identified and lessons adapted to cater to the needs of the learners and personalise learning

Playlists and Subject Specifications

Teachers create and share playlists, combining video’s from across ClickView (ClickView’s content, Broadcast TV, and a school’s own video), into a targeted sequence to guide and scaffold learning. We also produce exam board specific guides across multiple subjects.

  • BETT Secondary Digital Content
  • ERA2020 Secondary Resource
  • EdTech50 2020 One to Note
£2.75 per pupil

ClickView costs are between £2.75-£3.25 per pupil, per annum.
Groups making collective purchases see further cost efficiencies.

Licenses are inclusive of unlimited access for all staff and students both within and outside of school, all on-site and remote training, constant product and content updates, unlimited storage, integrations to your existing systems and more.

There are no extra costs beyond the subscription cost.

There is no auto-renewal. If we are not delivering value, school would not renew. ClickView’s renewal rate is 98%.

Trial Options
1 month
"ClickView offers a unique service, both in terms of the bespoke learning content available for an FE audience and also in the ability to act as a repository for college generated video content."
Joe Wilson, Head of Digital Skills, City of Glasgow College
“Having such a wealth of content at our finger tips enables us to create a sensory experience that allows concepts and ideas to actually become an experience, whilst bringing concepts into the real world ensuring our students have deep learning opportunities”
David Gartland, Principal, Abbey Gate School and Sixth Form College
“With ClickView you don’t have to waste time trying to find the ‘right’ video, their TV standard, curriculum focused content is so high-quality, they get it right first time.”
Mark Anderson, ICT Evangelist
“In a busy school environment, ClickView saves teachers time, whilst improving resource quality, taking the guesswork out of finding and delivering high quality lesson and independent learning content that meets the requirements of the curriculum.”
Garath Rawson, Principal, Doncaster UTC
“The breadth and depth of quality and repurposable video content gives our educators the freedom to deliver an inspiring curriculum, whilst pupils can explore further as part of their independent learning.”
Gwyn Ap Harri, CEO, XP Schools Trust

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