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Today’s children are part of the least active generation in history. The Sports England Active Children survey published in December 2019 found that 53.2% of children are not getting the recommended 60 minutes of physical exercise each day. The result of a partnership between Discovery Education and Nike, Active Kids Do Better is about making little changes throughout the day to help children work towards reaching this goal and demonstrating that all children are able to lead active lives. Active Kids Do Better provides teachers and parents with simple, easy-to-follow movements that can easily be incorporated into the day whatever the learning scenario. The movements contained within Active Kids Do Better are designed to be accessible to all children, not just those who excel at sports, and to encourage all children to participate. The videos use primary-age pupils to model the movement activity so all children can see themselves reflected and try to reduce the ’embarrassment’ of doing physical activity. As the movements are simple, all children are able to succeed! Available for free, resources are accessible via a public website with programme resources broken down into sections that support movement in the classroom, playground and at home, however the activities are flexible enough to be used in a variety of contexts. The programme focuses on movement, active play and fun, and gives teachers and parents the resources they need to create an active environment.

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Active Kids Do Better is freely available to all primary schools

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Resources are freely available to all primary schools

Active Kids Do Better: How Short Bursts of Daily Activity help Pupils Focus and Achieve

Case Study

Teacher Krystall Lopez explains how the programme supports St Joseph’s wider efforts to get pupils moving

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