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Low Cost 3D Printer & 3D Technology Loan Scheme For Schools

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Get 3D printing into your classroom for 5 weeks with our low cost 3D technology loan scheme!

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Accessibility is at the centre of everything we do at The CREATE Education Project. When embedding new technologies in the classroom, we know that teachers and educators want quick to set up, easy to use, engaging solutions. That is why we offer a 3D Technologies Loan Scheme with a range of 3D printing, scanning, and forming machine that schools and education providers can loan for half a term at a low cost.

Our Loan Scheme allows teachers to trial:

  • 3D printing
  • 3D scanning
  • 3D forming

in your school or education organisation for 5 weeks, seeing the engagement of your pupils for yourself.

Alongside the loan of the 3D printer, 3D scanner or 3D former, you will also receive:

  • Free roll of filament with a 3D printer loan or consumables for the 3D former
  • 1 hour free set up call

We ask for £50 p&p for the 3D technology loan scheme, alongside a fully refundable deposit (Ts&Cs apply).

To find out more and and the full Ts&Cs head to our Loan Scheme webpage:

£500 one-off cost

The costs associated with our 3D Printer and 3D Scanner loan scheme are:

  • £50 p&p
  • £450 fully refundable deposit (Ts&Cs apply).

The costs associated with our 3D Former loan scheme are:

  • £50 p&p
  • £150 fully refundable deposite (Ts&Cs apply).



Trial Options
5 Weeks


3D Printer loan from CREATE Education gives pupils the chance to hold self design 3D structures!

Case Study

Spalding Parish C of E Day School loaned a 3D printer from CREATE Education, allowing them to hold their 3D, self designed, buildings in their hands!

QHow do I get my fully refundable deposit back?
AThere are some terms and conditions to fulfill to get your deposit back but all of them are easy to tick off! We ask you to return a case study to us with pictures, we also ask you to fill in some feedback forms, and we ask for a meeting with an SLT member to talk about how we can support you to make 3D printing a permanent feature in the school.
QHow long will I have the 3D printer, 3D scanner or 3D Former for?
A5 weeks. We run our 3D technology loans on a half termly basis. We will ship it to you in the first week of the half term and we will collect it in the last week.
QCan I loan a 3D printer again if I have loaned one in the past?
AI am afraid this is something we discourage. We are a small company and we want to be able to offer the widest possible access to schools, so if you have had the chance to loan a piece of equipment from us before, we would look at different opportunities for you where possible.
QDo I need to spend any more money to be able to use my 3D printer loan?
ANo! Your 3D printer loan will come with a reel of filament which is plenty to see your through your 5 weeks. If you loan a 3D former, you will also be sent a set amount of consumables which will be enough to cover the 5 week period.
QHow will I know what to do with my 3D printer, 3D scanner or 3D former once I receive it?
AAs part of the loan scheme, we offer a free 1 hour set up call with one of our technical experts. They will go through the set up and a test print with you so you will feel confident to get the best out of your loan scheme time.

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