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Every child is different, with their own unique qualities, strengths and challenges. You may have above average writers in your classroom, and you may have below average writers. But what is average? What does it look like?

Keeping track of students’ writing ability can also be challenging, and time consuming. Writing assessment tends to be subjective. Influenced by personal feelings and opinions. With no benchmark or objective standards in place for writing (unlike reading), it’s extremely difficult to make sure that everyone’s work has been assessed fairly and consistently.

Is a student’s writing getting better, or worse? How do you track their progress over time? Which pieces and styles do they need the most support with and which genres do they particularly excel in? With hundreds of papers to go through one at a time, it can be an arduous, time-consuming and manual task to mark by hand.

In a perfect world, you would have an unbiased benchmark for writing assessment, and maybe even an automatic way to grade those hundreds of papers quickly and effectively – saving precious time for instruction and other classroom activities.

Advances in technology like Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are driving innovations in learning and instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners and maximize instructional time.

Technology such as WriQ. This Google Chrome Extension provides you with a complete picture of each student’s journey to becoming confident writers.

It measures productivity (how much students write), accuracy (how many errors they make), pace (the speed at which they write), and maturity (the maturity of their vocabulary) and monitors these over time – all within Google Docs – with a collaborative opportunity to give meaningful, accurate feedback to each and every student.

Through these assessments and our own data insights, discover how WriQ can provide you with those much needed benchmarks on a student, classroom and district level to effectively improve writing performance.

£3 per pupil

Pricing depends on enrollment numbers. Exact final pricing can be quoted bespoke to each institution.

Trial Options
30 days

WriQ is offered on a standard 30-day fully featured trial. Schools can also avail of a structured pilot programme for terms up to 90 days. Focused on pupil and teacher outcomes, Texthelp assist the school in gathering results of the process and provides a wealth of technical and pedagogical support.

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