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FEELIT Whole School Emotional Literacy Programme

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Helping Children be the best versions of themselves

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The FEELIT programme is an emotional literacy programme for Reception to Year 6.  It teaches children to understand their feelings and behaviours and helps with their emotional and social learning.

It helps children to understand, express and regulate their feelings, increase self-awareness, and build stronger connections with others.The benefits include:

·  Increased confidence

·  Happier and better behaved

·  Allows children to be in the best mindset for learning

·  Ability to express their emotions and explain how they are feeling

·  Prevents outbursts as they are able to explain themselves

·  Common language within the school

·  Reduces the burden and stress on teaching staff.

Our Daily Journals support the programme but can also be used on their own.

HCMTV can be purchased in addition to the programme.

The HCMtv programme teaches the character skills that help children thrive, increases self-awareness, self-belief and understanding and improves empathy and collaboration.  Each episode introduces a new life skill starting with the Power of Introspection and finishing with Acceptance and has an activity to download for each episode. The programme provides children with a toolkit of strategies to help them cope with pressure, relationship issues and increase self-esteem and confidence which helps prepare them to transition into teenage years and adulthood.

£50 per class

The FEELIT Programme can be bought on a modular basis.

The Programme is £50 per class and includes 12 feelings words and age appropriate activities, teaching notes and guidance and teaching videos, 2 posters, 1 pack of FEELIT cards and learning ready slides.

In addition these items can be purchased:

Journals can be purchased separately, Daily Journal, Super Journal and Life Skills Journal depending on age.

FEELIT cards, Conversation Cards and Affirmation cards can be purchased separately to complement the programme

HCMtv can be purchased on its own. This is a 10 week programme of 8 minute videos presented by Emma Willis. The HCMtv programme teaches the character skills that help children thrive, increases self-awareness, self-belief and understanding and improves empathy and collaboration


Trial Options
1 month

Our sample of our FEELIT Programme is available to trial.

Embedding a culture of mental health and wellbeing into Primary Schools

Case Study

Using The Happy Confident Company FEELIT Emotional Literacy Programme to help children understand, express and regulate their feelings

Q How much teacher training does the programme require?
AThe programme requires very little teacher training and can be implemented in as little as few days
QWhat age range does it cover?
AWhile our resources are mainly for primary aged children, we have a very strong offering for Year 7 students and our FEELIT programme also extends until Year 8.
QHow much time is needed each day?
Awith 10 minutes a day, even split across the day, you will see a measurable difference in your pupils.

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