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Language learning for all ages and stages of attainment

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uTalk is a language resource that helps learners work on and improve their speaking and listening skills: our content provides opportunities to learn, practise and revise both inside and outside the classroom, as uTalk works on and syncs to all devices. It is structured in such a way that teachers can easily allocate topic based tasks (for example telling the time, likes and dislikes, finding your way) and students then work through these at their own pace. They  build up confidence, increasing their vocabulary and idiomatic knowledge of the language. Unlike many other software programs where content is ‘locked down’ and looks like a self contained course, uTalk’s entire library of content can be accessed at any time, no matter what you are teaching. It is also fun to use as there are numerous quizzes and games to reinforce learning. We cover French, Spanish, German and many other languages.

£5 per pupil
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Until end of summer term 2020

uTalk is pleased to offer its platform  free of charge to schools  for any three languages – full content and capability until July 2020

Junior Language Challenge

Case Study

The JLC is a nationwide language learning contest which gives children the opportunity to learn a new language and compete against other schools

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