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Cloud-based classroom instruction, online safety and IT Management

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Award-winning cloud-based, classroom instruction, online safety and IT management platform for schools!

Super easy to set up and use, is a low-cost and scalable cloud-based classroom instruction, online safety and IT management solution for schools worldwide.

Teachers can easily connect to their students’ devices quickly and easily by a range of methods and see thumbnails of all connected students’ devices on their screen to monitor activity. With, teachers can easily explain and demonstrate lesson activity using the screen sharing and audio broadcast features – plus remedy any unwanted activity with remote control tools or by simply locking the students’ screens. Keeping students focused and on track is easy with ‘allowed’ and ‘restricted’ lists of websites and applications, password reset– as well as chat and messaging tools for interaction, guidance and collaboration.

Using class surveys, teachers gain instant feedback on topic understanding and can gamify assessment by using the ‘random select’ mode which selects students at random to answer the question. In addition, to reinforce good behavior, correct answers, and celebrate great pieces of work, teachers can assign ‘rewards’ during the lesson.  Any students who find themselves struggling with a task can send discreet help requests directly to the teacher.

In addition, schools can ensure that their students are safe at all times (and in any location) with the online safety toolkit. This helps to keep the school’s online environment protected by monitoring concerning activity, identifying students at risk, and spotting online safety trends – even in Microsoft Teams. Its range of proactive and reactive tools include multi-language keyword and phrase monitoring, word cloud of trending topics, contextual intelligence-based Risk Index, and more.

For technicians, is easy to set up, configure, manage, and use – virtually taking care of itself! Integrating directly with the school’s existing infrastructure and with Google Classroom, ClassLink and Microsoft School Data Sync, they can deploy it in minutes and manage teacher and student devices centrally – saving a bunch of time. Plus, they can see at a glance how the school’s technology is being used and how to maximise it with the hardware and software inventories, power management, activity monitoring – and more.

£2.5 per licence

With one fixed price per device, per year, and absolutely no hidden costs or sneaky extra charges, it’s a no-brainer! Start your free trial today!


Trial Options
30-day free trial and special offer

As schools prepare for the new academic term, NetSupport is offering schools the chance to try free for 30 days, to help schools ensure it’s the right fit for them. has made virtual teaching much easier. I can see when a student is not on task and help them by accessing their assignments, because I can see their screens in real time! The message tool is so valuable when a student is having connection issues and keeps dropping off the video call.
Life Source International Charter School
I am impressed and we will need it if we have to go back to conducting training from home which we did on Zoom last time, however, we could not see what learners were doing, so should be much better!
Littleton LTI, Tipperary
You can message their Chromebook directly to give instructions or help. has made it possible to focus on the academics rather than the technology while learning virtually.
Life Source International Charter School
QHow is licensed? uses an annual subscription licensing model and is based on the number of student devices you want to monitor, have installed the student component onto and have moved out of the unassigned devices group to make them available in classes.
QCan I manage different OS device types from the Teacher Console at the same time?
AYes, currently provides Student installers for Windows and Chromebooks, Mac, Android, and iOS.
QHow do I stop a student device from being connected to when not at school?
APrivacy and security is of course key, and with you can specify Privacy Settings to ensure the student devices can only be connected to during approved school hours and during term time. You can even add the school network and Wi-Fi details to prevent any unauthorized connections.

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