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Wordshark Online

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Wordshark Online: web-based games for reading and spelling

Product Type

Wordshark Online offers motivating games to address the often difficult task of teaching students to read and spell. This new product has been developed for whole class/whole school teaching – not just for SEND, EAL, Catch-up etc… It is web-based, so that teachers and students can access it from anywhere, including on Chromebooks or iPads – at home as well as at school. Teachers can plan lessons when and wherever they want.  Once students are added to Wordshark and have been given their login details, they take a baseline test which places each student at the best starting point in Wordshark. They can then continue to work independently and move forward on their own individual learning journey. This gives teachers more time to focus on help where it is really needed. Wordshark offers great flexibility: you can use the Supershark course with its automatic progression, or use one of the other courses in your own way, or you can decide to set work for your students – or add your own words. Wordshark online has a new look, an easy-to-use interface, photos and videos, and new style reports.

Age neutral graphics are suitable for older students as well as the younger ones, with material ranging from simple 3-letter words through to challenging sets for very able spellers. Wordshark includes a spelling course for the National Curriculum 2014 (England), a structured Wordshark spelling course, high frequency words and everyday vocabulary lists.  A synthetic phonics approach is also offered. The program includes over 10,000 pre-recorded words, sounds, and photos/videos. Variable speeds and other options meet all grades of skill.

£360 per annum

There are various options and offers depending on whether you are a teacher, tutor or parent. 

Schools: ‘Wordshark Online’ can be accessed from anywhere so it’s ideal for students learning at home. Plans are based on the number of students that will use the program.  school page for Wordshark Online Version ‘5’ ‘desktop’ products are also available to schools but these are only for access within school.

Tutors: If you have a version 5 product, you can still use this using screen share such as Zoom or in person. If you’re interested in a Wordshark Online subscription then you can also use this via screen share/in person, and your students can also use the program when you’re not working with them: tutor page for Wordshark Online

Parents: If a school or tutor has not invested in ‘Wordshark Online’ then an alternative is the desktop editions, Wordshark 5 and Numbershark 5 which can be bought as Home Downloads and available to install within 15 minutes of purchase: options for Parents


Trial Options
Tutors 2 weeks, schools 1 month

Schools: For ‘Wordshark Online’ there is a free month trial option as well as free webinars and training for before during or after a trial: school options

Tutors: For ‘Wordshark Online’, for tutors there is a 2 week trial. There are also tutor webinars: tutor options

Parents: For version 5 products there is no trial option as this is difficult to offer with desktop products, however, there is a money back guarantee. Alternatively, you could access Wordshark Online, the new subscription product, via a tutor or your school if one of these has subscribed to the program.


I was looking for something engaging and fun for covering those basic skills, but needed something that was particularly appealing for boys. .... I was so taken with the quality of the resource and the testimonials that I decided to purchase Numbershark as well!
Nancy Lees, Headteacher, Castleton C of E Primary School
I like Wordshark because I know it works. I have been using it for years and it's my 'go to' with children who need support with reading and spelling.
Karen Hackman, KS2 Coordinator and Year 5 Teacher, St Andrew's Preparatory School, Turi, Kenya
I became quite an ambassador for Wordshark/Numbershark (at my old school), recently building the Wordshark (network) licences up to 30. This was done by recording evidence in the children's work and using this as part of my performance management.
Mrs Samantha Pollard, Teacher/IT support, now at St John's school, Gosport

Wordshark 5 Trial June 2018

Case Study

Word Shark was installed on one computer and two users had access to this laptop for a period of approximately 6 weeks.

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