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ScholarPack from The Key

The Key

Switch to ScholarPack, the #1 cloud-based MIS from The Key, and save two hours a day doing registers

ScholarPack is an easy-to-use, feature-rich management system, allowing you to quickly make sense of your data and save valuable admin time. We are on hand anytime you need support, with 91% of all issues being resolved while on call.

If you are a headteacher, MAT leader or administrator, ScholarPack has been built to make your life easier, and your job even more impactful. From attendance and assessments to accidents, incidents and census, ScholarPack helps schools record, manage, review and improve everything that’s going on.


  • Our core MIS comes with built in features such as attendance, behaviour, meals, staff, interventions, clubs, SEND and reporting as standard.
  • Our assessment solution allows you to easily track progress and attainment across individual pupils and cohorts with ready-made reports out of the box.
  • Our communications package lets you communicate with parents and staff quickly, easily and from one place. Simply choose between SMS, email or letter, type your message and hit send.
  • Our multi-school analysis module provides MATs, local authorities and groups of 3 or more schools with a high-level view of performance across key areas such as attendance.



£2000 per annum

Pricing is based on school size. Licence and per pupil costs apply

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ScholarPack testimonial

Case Study

“With ScholarPack I can complete both schools census’ from one location on any device which has made my life so much easier.”

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