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ScholarPack testimonial

By Daniel Sparkes, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

“With ScholarPack I can complete both schools census’ from one location on any device which has made my life so much easier.”

ScholarPack is our Management Information System. It contains all of our pupil and staff profiles. We use ScholarPack on a daily basis for registration and the management of school clubs, as well as the mandatory pupil census and workforce census. We also use ScholarPack Assessment to help us record and manage pupil progress and we are looking to purchase ScholarPack Comms once our other contract is up.

Why we moved to a cloud-based MIS

The reason we looked at switching from our existing server-based MIS to a cloud-based one such as ScholarPack was due to two issues; the first was that it created a gap in our business continuity plan as we would lose all of our data if there was an issue at our school. The second was that I actually work across two separate schools and on census day I had to drive back and forth a number of times to complete the census on each of the sites. With ScholarPack I can complete both schools census’ from one location on any device which has made my life so much easier. Staff can also work remotely which makes the system far more flexible and interchangeable.

On a day-to-day basis ScholarPack enables me to extract any information I need quickly and easily, saving me so much time compared to our previous MIS. The reporting is much easier and by bringing everything into one system such as clubs and assessment, there’s no more switching between different systems and spreadsheets and it’s so much more secure. The electronic automatic updates on ScholarPack are seamless, a world away from our previous MIS local upgrades which would frequently send the entire system down, resulting in a backlog of administrative work.

No more spreadsheets

We now have a robust business continuity plan in place as with ScholarPack we can access our data from anywhere at any time. We have also ditched the numerous spreadsheets and third party systems, bringing registers, clubs and assessment under one system which saves us so much time as we no longer have to switch between several different programs. We have transformed first aid with ScholarPack as we now record accidents and incidents, as well as report them to parents all in one place. We are therefore continuously building an evolving electronic profile for each student and staff member which is in one place, robust and secure.

Switching to ScholarPack is so easy

I would definitely recommend ScholarPack to colleagues in other schools. I have now implemented ScholarPack at three different schools and each time the transition was absolutely seamless and not onerous on the school at all, the ScholarPack team take care of everything. The MIS is more robust, more user friendly, more affordable, more customisable and more accessible than my previous non cloud-based MIS. The customer service is second to none, if there’s something it doesn’t have which you need all you have to do is submit a request to ScholarPack. The interface is extremely clear and simple to use, if you don’t know how to do something you can usually work it out yourself and if not, the chat support is amazing.

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