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Curiosity Kit

Twin Science & Robotics

Inspires creativity and a thirst for knowledge, introduces kids to the fundamentals of robotics

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Designed to inspire creativity and a thirst for knowledge, the Curiosity Kit introduces the fundamentals of robotics. Children will learn key 21st-century technological concepts in a way that’s fun, easy to understand, and safe. Kids will develop essential STEAM (“Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math”) skills as they build, design and create projects that are meant to put their problem-solving skills and imagination to the test. With hours of play packed in, the tools found in the curiosity kit deliver the child aged between 7-10 the wonders of today’s most advanced technologies in an accessible and easy-to-use fashion. Watch and be amazed as they discover, build, and mix the material inside the kit to make an endless number of innovations. This kit operates in a hybrid environment, and it is compatible with the Twin app. Students can find new projects or share their creations. Additionally, one kit can be used by 2 students at the same time.89

£89.99 one-off cost
Trial Options
21 days

The Curiosity Kit will be provided to you upon your request for 21 days, and the trial period is free of charge.

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