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Bug Club Guided


Inspire your children and deepen their reading comprehension

Age Range
Early years5-77-11

What is it?

A robust guided reading programme that helps children master fluency and deepen comprehension, giving you everything you need to help them.

What’s in it?

Bug Club Guided combines beautiful print books and eBooks that your children will want to read, plus:

  • pupil workbooks
  • teachers cards
  • an online teacher toolkit
  • and professional development courses shown to increase effectiveness of materials.

How does it work?

Guided Reading is split into KS1/P1-3 and KS2/P4-7, with each approached differently to better suit the stages of your children’s development.

At KS1/P1-3:

  • Guided Reading is centred around fantastic books that your children will want to read
  • Makes use of easy-to-use teacher cards to ease the burden on your preparation
  • Guided reading cards for KS1/P1-3 cover multiple sessions with you, going into depth with each text and asking questions that will challenge and grow your children’s comprehension skills
  • Plus, there are accompanying photocopiable activities around each title to extend learning

At KS2/P4-7, Guided Reading is built on a robust, three question approach:

  1. The looking question: literal comprehension
  2. The clue question: making connections and inferences to further comprehension
  3. The thinking question: going beyond the text, connecting text to self and text to world to access deep comprehension.

The approach follows a structured and clearly defined teaching cycle with meaningful activities to support an in-depth and consistent focus on comprehension.

£249 per annum

Bug Club Guided is packaged to for you. You can choose any combination of package to suit your needs – entirely print, entirely online, or a combination of the two to suit you.

Starting from just £249 for an online KS2 subscription to £4,999 for a whole school print package.

Trial Options
1 month
I liked the look of it straight away. I was impressed by how well it was structured, the range of texts, and the bright, colourful workbooks.
Katherine Richards, Headteacher of Tupton Primary and Nursery School

Bug Club Comprehension sees pupils enjoy reading and improve attainment levels

Case Study

Adopting Bug Club Comprehension helped pupils to enjoy and engage with texts

Transformational Guided Reading with Bug Club

Case Study

Bug Club Guided Reading for KS2 enables you to take a consistent approach to teaching and build upon the key comprehension skills that are evaluated

QCan I buy print and digital combined?
AYes, you can buy any combination of print and digital package to suit your school. That means you could purchase a KS1 Starter Independent package in print, and a KS2 Pro Independent package as a digital subscription, if it suited your needs. You could even purchase both a print and digital version of the KS1 Starter Independent package if it worked for you.
QI don't want to commit to an entire package, can I buy single books?
AYes, you can buy as many single books (or multi-book packs) as you need.
QCan I get a discount on my Bug Club purchase?
AAll Bug Club packages, from the smallest to the largest, come with built-in discounts. You can save up to 29% when you buy a print package from us.
QCan I get a discount on my Bug Club purchase?
AAll Bug Club packages, from the smallest to the largest, come with built-in discounts. You can save up to 29% when you buy a print package from us.

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