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Learning Village

Across Cultures

English as an Additional Language (EAL) blended learning and resources for learners in schools

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The Learning Village transforms classrooms. Aimed solely at schools, it’s an innovative English-language programme, providing targeted learning, online and offline, for 5-18-year-old (5-14 ‘The Village’ and 11-18 ‘The Islands’) new arrivals in the English-speaking mainstream, as well as learners with SEN. It takes children who have limited English-language skills on an exciting journey of learning, allowing them to be properly integrated into the mainstream classroom.

The Learning Village programme is comprehensive. It covers induction to English, survival and everyday language, gap-filling and pre-teaching of vocabulary and language structures. With its image-based approach, it works for learners of any language – and for those who aren’t literate in any language at all. Teachers direct the programme, but there’s also an emphasis on independent learning, putting the learner in charge of their own experience.

The Learning Village is fun! It’s a unique and immersive experience: learners enter a vibrant online ‘village’ or ‘islands’, complete with moving graphics, a library and treehouse, shops and friends. The programme builds a community of learners, forging friendships amongst new arrivals as they share learning, compete against one other and work together.

For teachers, the programme gives them the tools and resources they need to integrate their EAL learners. It provides a systematic approach to make their new EAL learners comfortable, manage their basic needs, teach them to communicate, help them make friends and move them through the curriculum. The Learning Village is carefully aligned with the National Curriculum: it provides both subject-specific and curriculum-specific vocabulary, for learners up to age 18.

Superbly rich in resources, the programme has downloadable flashcards for every lesson and a variety of games. Underpinning it all is cutting-edge innovation – working through artificial intelligence, the programme assessments provide real-time data on learner progress and weekly reports for teachers targeted language-learning appropriate for each learner.

The Learning Village makes it possible to teach every child in the classroom – and for every child to fulfil their potential.

  • BETT awards 2018 finalist badge
  • Educate Evidence Applied Edward award 2019 badge
  • ERA Awards 2019 finalist badge
  • BETT Awards 2021 Finalist
  • Twinkl Top EdTech Tool 2020
  • GESS award 2020 winner logo
  • Teach Primary awards 2019 winner logo
  • Teach Secondary shortlist
£25 per licence

Cost shown reflects the monthly cost of a standard Bronze membership. For the full pricing information please see

Bronze membership: up to 5 learners

Bronze Plus membership: up to 10 learners

Silver membership: up to 15 learners

Gold membership: up to 25 learners

Platinum membership: 25+ learners

Trial Options
7 days

Tudor Primary: New arrivals

Case Study

The intensive programme Tudor Primary has put in place has transformed the English language skills of a significant number of its new EAL learners.

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