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Support every student with a data driven approach to intervention

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Improve outcomes and engagement for your whole class and measure the impact – without having to change how you teach.

The Adapt platform responds to each student as a unique individual – as though a teacher were by their side. It utilises cognitive science (metacognition) that improves recall – using algorithms that learn and adapt to identify what each student already knows – and more importantly, what they don’t.

The platform gives your students individual support, helping them to get back on track by identifying gaps in understanding, then teaching that content again.

Adapt for students

As a student works through questions the algorithm analyses their responses, adapting to errors and teaching the objective – not just re-presenting the same content. Student self-evaluation of their knowledge drives how the next question is presented, building both confidence and a resilient mindset. Continuous feedback reinforces learning, and links to thorough topic reviews deepen and extend understanding.

Adapt for teachers

Focus your time where it will have most impact – each student’s responses and confidence in their learning is captured, giving you a deep understanding of where they need extra support. The platform delivers sophisticated learning data, building comprehensive reporting for whole classes and year groups as well as diagnostic feedback allowing targeted intervention. Quickly understand and view progress for your whole class accessed through a teacher dashboard, with the functionality to create your own analytics – making the data work for you.

Use Adapt on any devise, including mobile, with individual student logins.

Subjects and levels available

Science – KS3, GCSE Combined Science, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics

Maths – Primary Maths, KS3 Maths, GCSE Maths

History – KS3 History, GCSE British History

Geography – KS3 Geography, GCSE Geography


See Adapt in action

  • BETT award finalist 2023
£200 per annum

MATHS 1 year licence

  • KS3 Maths
    • Small school £300
    • Medium school £500
    • Large school £600
  • GCSE Maths (AQA and Edexcel)
    • Small school £300
    • Medium school £500
    • Large school £600


  • KS3 Science
    • Small school £300
    • Medium school £500
    • Large school £600
  • AQA GCSE Combined
    • Small school £300
    • Medium school £500
    • Large school £600
  • AQA GCSE per single science
    • Small school £200
    • Medium school £300
    • Large school £400


  • KS3 History £200
  • AQA GCSE British History £200


  • KS3 Geography £200
  • AQA GCSE Geography £200


Small school = <600 11-16 year olds

Medium school = 600-1200 11-16 year olds

Large school = >1200 11-16 year olds


3 year subscriptions also available.

Trial Options
1 month

Please contact us using the details below for a free trial.


You can also request a free demo, in person or online (there is no commitment to subscribe to Adapt following the demo). Find your local Collins rep to request a demo.

"Adapt shifts the focus away from speed, and doing as many questions as possible, to taking your time, and getting it right. One of the biggest issues across the school is resilience and grit and getting them to engage and persevere beyond the ‘I don’t get it’."
Secondary teacher
Some of our kids… became frustrated because they kept getting it wrong, and that meant they had to keep going. This goes to the heart of what it means to be a resilient learner: developing that perseverance and determination."
Secondary teacher

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