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EDClass Ltd

High Quality Remote Education and Virtual Learning Classrooms

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EDClass has over a decade of experience delivering remote education world wide. The EDClass system comprises over 12000 interactive and supported lessons ready and waiting to be accessed in subjects such as English, Maths, Science and other core areas, for Key Stage 2 through to 4.

EDClass works in partnership with the school and their desired remote education delivery. The EDClass team of experienced teachers use the innovative remote education classroom to deliver face to face, live, timetabled or on-demand sessions for a range of abilities in a secure, safeguarded and virtual learning platform. School teachers and staff can use the same virtual platform to deliver their own sessions in exactly the same way for as many pupils as they wish. There is also an on-demand virtual library which hosts pre recorded video lessons delivered by our teachers, allowing pupils to access for any extra tuition or to simply view a session taught by someone’s completely different pedagogy, which may engage and challenge the pupil further.

£40 per licence

Prices work out to just £40 per day for secondary schools and just £16 per day for a primary school. This is an extremely affordable provision, benefitting a school’s budget.

Students are placed on a ‘seating system’ and have access to live support from qualified teachers via video or text chat. Students are also fully safeguarded and work through pre-made lessons that match a school’s curriculum to improve attainment and attendance.

Trial Options
7 daysPaid trial

A trial of the system would highlight what EDClass have to offer and give the school a more informed decision on how the platform would have a significant impact.

Simply call for a demonstration of the system and we give you access for 1 week with no obligation.

We do offer paid trials, This gives you the opportunity to use the system with a learner over the course of a term or 1/2 term, with full access to our teaching staff and resources.

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