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Reading Plus

Accelerate pupil’s reading achievement through personalised instruction and intervention.

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About Reading Plus

Reading Plus is an evidence-based adaptive reading intervention and improvement programme. Designed to develop children’s reading skills by increasing their vocabulary, comprehension, metacognition – and silent reading fluency.

Aimed at pupils in KS2 and above, Reading Plus has a readability range from Y2 to beyond GCSE. It supports pupils to develop the skills they need to read well and with confidence.

Ongoing personalised support and training with Partner Plus

We know how busy schools are. Many of us began our careers in education. That’s why our UK Support Team is on hand to make sure your school’s training and support needs are met with Partner Plus.

With Partner Plus, our support team will work closely with your teachers and school managers to make sure that Reading Plus both achieves the positive impact we’d expect – and gets the results you need.

And, as well as our comprehensive training support, our skilled consultants will be on hand to provide advice and support on everything from pedagogy and administration to our easy-to-use reports.

£3000 per licence

How much does Reading Plus cost?

Whether you’re a new customer and looking for an initial idea of costs – or an existing customer wanting to increase your Reading Plus provision, we’re here to help.

As a guide, we know the needs of every school differs, from those who use Reading Plus as a targeted intervention to those that adopt the programme to support a specific key stage. To reflect this, we offer a range of different price points. Here are the steps we take to help us better understand your schools’ needs and to give you a cost:

Step one: Say hello
Contact us to arrange an initial consultation via phone, email or through our contact us form on our website.

Step two: Getting to know you
We will set up a short phone call or Zoom meeting to understand the needs of your school.

Step three: Personalised plan
A tailored plan and costings will be presented to you on the call.

Trial Options

Request your pilot today

Interested to understand the lasting impact that Reading Plus will have on the pupils in your school? You can see for yourself with our free and easy to implement pilot.

How does a Reading Plus pilot work?

Our pilot is fast and fully supported – and will help you experience just how simple Reading Plus is to use. It’s free for your school to try – with no obligation. Here’s what you can expect from a Reading Plus pilot:

Week 1: Getting started
Pupils complete the Insight Assessment on Reading Plus which determines their individual reading proficiency and places them at the correct level on the programme.

Week 3: Evidencing impact
Teaching staff are trained on how to interpret data, evidence gains and provide support based on recommendations.

Week 4: Bespoke package
You meet with your Reading Development Consultant to discuss your license requirements for Reading Plus.

Reading Plus accelerates reading development at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary

Case Study

Primary Deputy Headteacher, Louise Ince, talks about how Reading Plus has transformed the success of reading in their school.

QWhat is Reading Plus?
AReading Plus is an online reading programme that's packed full of engaging texts for pupils to explore and enjoy. It teaches silent reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary with software that meets each pupil's individual reading level. Reading Plus supports good teaching first. And provides ongoing help for every pupil – with actionable reports for teachers.
QHow does Reading Plus work?
AReading Plus begins with an adaptive assessment that pupils complete on their own and without any intervention from their teacher. The results from this provide a baseline and the data-driven starting point for a pupil's journey through the programme. Weekly assignments are set with personalised instructions for pupils, these include visual skills development for eye-tracking, reading tasks for comprehension and fluency, and vocabulary tasks.
QHow is Reading Plus implemented in schools?
AWe know that deciding to adopt a reading intervention is a big step for any school. The key to making it work? Experience tells us that the way to get the results you're looking for – and that we'd expect to achieve – is to initiate and sustain a culture of growth. That's why, when you decide to adopt Reading Plus in your school, one of our Dedicated Reading Consultants and our UK Support Team will work alongside you, making sure that implementation is smooth and successful, every step of the way.
QWhat results can you expect with Reading Plus?
AReading Plus is designed to accelerate reading growth for pupils at all reading proficiency tiers – and fast. After just 40 to 60 hours of using Reading Plus, your Emerging readers will make significant gains to close the achievement gap. And your Expected and Exceeding pupils at age-related expectations? Within 40 to 60 hours of using Reading Plus, they'll improve their proficiency and increase their reading levels, gaining the ability to master higher volumes of complex text with confidence.

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