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TigTag Junior

Twig Education

Discover jaw dropping science resources for ages 4–7.

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Tigtag Junior provides children aged 4-7 with a broad introduction to the basic areas of science whilst diving deeper into subjects that this ages group adore such as dinosaurs, animals and space exploration.  Get comprehensive classroom support and save preparation time with lesson ideas, topics backgrounds and hundreds of classroom-ready resources.

Tigtag Junior lays the foundation for scientifically literate children helping develop their communication, creative and critical thinking skills. Play one of 100 engaging short, real-world films or encourage enquiry-based learning with practical and interactive activities.

Tigtag Junior Lesson structure:

Each Tigtag Junior lesson comes with:

  • Two captivating short films
  • Related visuals
  • An interactive whiteboard game
  • A quiz to assess learning

Below these you’ll find a range of support materials to help you plan the lesson:

  • Learning objectives for the lesson
  • Key teaching points and what you need to know
  • A starter, main and review activity
  • Ideas for a practical investigation
  • Answers to the quiz

If teaching time is limited, you can filter these materials to reveal a ready-made one hour lesson.

You can also print out all the support material in advance of your lesson.

£245 per annum

Please note this is a starting cost and costs can vary depending on school size.

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14 days

TigTag Junior – Why teachers love it!

Case Study

Tigtag Junior: KS1 Science Made Easy – And Fun!

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