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Case Study: Oakmoor School

Oakmoor School

Oakmoor School is a brand new, state-of-the-art secondary school in Bordon with a wonderful motto: Ambition, Courage and Excellence.

Oakmoor School is a brand new, state-of-the-art secondary school in Bordon with a wonderful motto: Ambition, Courage and Excellence. Oakmoor has high expectations and excellent results across the board, so their approach to eSafety is no exception.

As a high priority for their student population, Oakmoor became members of National Online Safety in December 2018, choosing our whole school certified package. They believed in the recognised nature of the company and in our ability to satisfy all their online safety needs through the comprehensive range of resources available to them.

Extensive engagement

Oakmoor School achieved an amazing engagement rate with our CPD Certified Online Safety Course for Staff & School Governors with over 90% of staff completing the course and passing with flying colours.

With other members of the school community completing additional courses, including Designated Safeguarding Leads and our Parents Course, Oakmoor School proudly achieved their certification in November 2019.

Staff members at Oakmoor reported that they now feel up to date with their online safety knowledge and learned new facts and material from completing the courses. Pastoral Staff at the school continue to use our resources regularly to engage parents and students with online safety in a day-to-day support capacity.

A wealth of eSafety resources

Oakmoor described our CPD-certified courses as “very detailed, up to date and informative”, while also commenting on the accessibility of the courses. They particularly enjoyed the ability to access the material at any time and on any device, describing them as “accessible for all”.

Our classroom resources have also been a great addition to Oakmoor School’s approach to online safety. Staff have reported these as being particularly useful for meeting curriculum requirements and to use during Experience Days. The resources have been described as “up to date and relevant” and “student and staff friendly”.

Stephanie Moral, Oakmoor School’s Deputy Headteacher, commented on the great range of resources available for the whole school community, stating: “We particularly like the fact that material is focused for our different stakeholders such as students, parents and staff.

“We also like the fact that the information is up to date and current and we can access new material whenever possible.”

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