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ReallySchool – Primary Classroom Observation and Assessment, NetSupport

Dogsthorpe Infants’ School

Dogsthorpe Infants’ School

As soon as we saw ReallySchool, we thought it looked remarkably uncomplicated. In fact, its very easy to use – and quick!

We knew that, in theory, ReallySchool would save us a lot of time – but it was great to test that out and prove it to ourselves. Our teachers now have much more time to dedicate to teaching each day.

In terms of benefits, there are three that stand out: firstly, being able to see from timelines and reports where learning gaps are is such a time-saver. Before, we had to look back over each child’s records to see what they had and hadn’t done and work out the gaps for ourselves. Now, ReallySchool shows them to us straight away!

The second big benefit is the protection of data – and that fits in with our requirement to conform to the GDPR. All our teachers’ and TAs’ iPads are locked with passwords, so the children’s data is much more secure than when we were using paper journals.

The third benefit is the added value it has brought with its reports and insights into our children’s data. We can now tailor our teaching and learning so much more and be more active with planning, instead of simply rushing to complete our observations each day.

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