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Numberella Deluxe Edition,

Gayhurst School Trial

Gayhurst School

Age Range

‘Data wise 100% improved their PTM score from 2020 to 2021. Average improvement was more than twice that of the control group.’

The facts speak for themselves – 100% of the pupils improved their PTM score after playing Numberella for an 11 week period. These ten pupils achieved an average percentage improvement of 14.6%. In contrast, the other pupils in the cohort achieved an average percentage improvement of only 6.9%. Numberella is designed to improve take up of mathematical information due to enhanced numerical fluency. This would appear to be the case.


The stand out individual result from the trial was that one pupil who had scored just over the national average in 2020 recorded a 25% improvement in 2021 with a score one point short of the maximum obtainable. Two other pupils scored in excess of a 20% improvement. Another pupil, scoring below the national average in 2020, achieved a 16% improvement, boosting their result to 114. The potential of Numberella to reach pupils at the bottom of the attainment scale is thus demonstrated, as is the fact that in a Numberella environment, no pupil is out of reach.


It’s also clear that the rules are not too complicated for children to understand. The lowest achieving pupils in this school ‘caught onto it all quickly.’


The Gayhurst School trial was a resounding success. All elements of the game – accessibility and educational relevance – have been clearly demonstrated. Parents of pupils who took part in the trial have insisted the Club is made available in future terms to ensure their children continue their Numberella journey and continue to foster their love of the subject through playing the game.

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