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The Naace Self Review Framework, Naace

Naace SRF Case Study from St Bede’s Junior Catholic School

St Bede's Junior Catholic School

Naace SRF Case Study from St Bede’s Junior Catholic School

Integrating edtech into school life using the Self Review Framework



St Bede’s Catholic Junior School, Cheshire, is home to 300 students ranging from Year 3 to Year 6. The school, situated a stone’s throw from the River Mersey, is committed to providing its students with an enriching education supported by Catholic values. St Bede’s is made up of ten classes, two of which are mixed-age, encouraging students to learn and work together


Introducing the Self Review Framework

The Self Review Framework (SRF), published by Naace, provides guidance to schools looking to improve their use of technology. The SRF encourages the use of edtech throughout school life – not just in teaching, but in administration, communication and beyond. By showing that they meet the highest standards set by the SRF, schools can apply for the NaaceMark Award, exemplifying their excellence in using education technologies.

St Bede’s has been committed to its edtech journey for a long time, and has upheld its NaaceMark Award for the past 15 years. Joanne Kaye, Computing Subject Leader at St Bede’s, has led the school through its last two NaaceMark Awards.


Commenting on the school’s continued qualification for the NaaceMark Award, Joanne said:

“St Bede’s has been using the SRF almost as long as it’s been available! We’re proud of our NaaceMark Award, which we re-apply for on a three-yearly basis to keep it up to date. It helps us to keep improving our edtech provisions, and showcase the great work that we’re doing.”


Informing school strategy with the SRF

St Bede’s has refined its use of the SRF through years of experience.
“We tend to use the SRF as a tool to inform our overall school strategy. Generally, the advice it gives us helps guide our direction rather than becoming the crux of everyday learning – that way, our teachers can deliver their lessons flexibly, making use of the resources we have on-hand,” explained Joanne.

At St Bede’s, each aspect of the curriculum is looked after by a subject leader, who maintains an action plan for their area. The school’s subject leaders ensure that their action plans are created with reference to the SRF, so that the implementation of the curriculum is planned with respect to the educational technologies available at St Bede’s.

Students at St Bede’s benefit from access to laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, and a dedicated ICT suite. Using the SRF, the school has refined its procurement process, focusing in on effective technologies which make a tangible difference. As such, budgets have been streamlined and teachers are working to ensure they make the most of the resources that are introduced.
Joanne also commented on the benefits of the SRF in terms of maintaining standards, saying: “By modelling our progress against the advice within the SRF, we gain a very accurate picture of where our strengths lie, and where we can improve. This has been especially good in preparing for the curriculum ‘deep-dives’ in the new Ofsted inspection format.”

Looking into 2020 and beyond, St Bede’s plans to continue updating its hardware, and implementing strategy throughout the school. The leadership team at St Bede’s is also working with local authority figures to help improve infrastructural standards such an internet access, to ensure smooth delivery of education.

“The NaaceMark Award is a kite-mark for us, showing that we are reaching the standards that we strive to deliver. We are proud of the award and share the achievement with parents, stakeholders, and the wider community. It demonstrates St Bede’s commitment to modern educational practice,” Joanne said.


St Bede’s use of the SRF to improve technology provisions is exemplary, and the school is well-deserving of its NaaceMark Award. Students at St Bede’s are enjoying high-quality education, and developing skills that will support them for years to come.


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