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Sir Linkalot: The Future Of Spelling App, Sir Linkalot

Sir Linkalot: Case Study 01- July 2018

South East England Primary & Secondary schools

Age Range

This 2018 study focused on 630 children (7 to 13 years old) from 22 different schools , gathering data over a five week period.

It tested children of all abilities on their spelling of 25 different words of varying difficulty (from ‘their’ to ‘onomatopoeia’) before and after using the Sir Linkalot app. The children were tested initially with their scores being recorded. They then viewed the spelling animations on the app just once and were tested again one month later without viewing them again. Their average initial score was 10 out of 25 and 18 afterwards. Interestingly, children who scored less than 10, averaging 6.5, improved the most with an average second score of 15, i.e a 130% improvement.  They grab it with both hands as rote learning simply doesn’t work.

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