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Sparx Maths,

Sparx Schools partnership with enjoy homework success

Five secondary schools in Devon

Age Range

One school’s homework completion rates increased from under 20% to over 97.7% after introducing Sparx Maths Homework

In September 2018 five schools in Devon adopted Sparx to automatically set personalised maths homework for their Year 7 students. Prior to adopting Sparx we talked to the schools about
their expected completion rates.

Completion rates across the group of schools ranged from an anticipated 0-20% completion at the lowest end of the scale to 80%, depending on how much focus was being given to homework in each school.

After two months, all schools have seen significant rises in the amount of homework completed, compared to pre-Sparx estimates with every school in this group seeing legacy completion rates of over 90%

Although all of the schools saw significant uplift in their completion rates, one school has exceeded every expectation. School C previously had a 0-20% completion rate. However, during the period using Sparx, the school achieved over 97% completion. As a school that is currently rated inadequate and has traditionally seen very low hand-in rates for homework this is a significant achievement for the school and for its partnership with Sparx

  • School A: pre-Sparx homework estimate = 41 – 60% completion every 2 weeks, first half term legacy = 90.7%
  • School B: pre-Sparx homework estimate = 61 –80% completion every 2 weeks, first half term legacy = 95.3%
  • School C: pre-Sparx homework estimate = 0 – 20% completion every 2 weeks, first half term legacy = 97.9%
  • School D: pre-Sparx homework estimate = 61 – 80% completion every 2 weeks, first half term legacy = 99.4%
  • School E: pre-Sparx homework estimate = 80% completion every week, first half term legacy = 97.3%

Sparx sets one hour of compulsory homework per week. In addition there are optional and target homeworks which the students can choose to do. The schools in the group were delighted to see a large number of optional and target homeworks being completed, demonstrating incredibly high levels of student engagement.

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