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Success at Warlingham School – Faye’s positive reintegration

Warlingham School

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Students using EDClass have their own unique experience. When they’ve used the platform, it has had a positive impact on their learning and wellbeing

Many students using EDClass have their own unique experience. When they’ve used the platform, it has had a positive impact on their learning and wellbeing.

EDClass recently talked with Helena Compton-Jones, the student support officer for Warlingham School in relation to one of their students using the platform, Faye – we have used a pseudonym to protect the student’s identity. Ms Compton-Jones said:

“Faye, who is preparing to return for her GCSEs in Year 11, has always been a good student but has recently been unable to attend school on medical grounds. Her attendance has been low but has been using EDClass to continue her studies and help her go to college.”

EDClass offers live support and over 17,000 lessons that can help keep students engaged and learning in whatever circumstance they may find themselves in. Using the platform, it has ensured Faye isn’t losing out on vital education.

EDClass’ qualified teachers and experienced support staff are on hand to assist promptly with any issues a student, parent or school faces. The platform is flexible and can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a certain student, Ms Compton-Jones said:

“EDClass is very user-friendly and they are only a phone call away which is amazing. Faye can log on in the morning and then the afternoon leaving the middle of the day for her to come back into school and slowly reintegrate. The flexibility of the timing of those lessons with EDClass allows for that reintegration process.”

Faye hasn’t been in school for nearly 18 months but is now re-integrating one day a week. With her absence due to medical grounds, this is a really positive step forward for Faye and the plan is to ensure she is reintegrating as soon as possible ready for her GCSEs.

The pandemic has resulted in an enormous amount of lost learning and up to 60% more in less educated homes. EDClass allows learning to be constant so nobody is left behind.

“If Faye didn’t have EDClass she would be doing very limited work. EDClass keeps her in a routine and learning everyday which is brilliant!”

EDClass has multiple uses including as a revision tool. The platform includes quizzes and assessments that track a student’s progress all whilst treating safeguarding as its priority.

“It is massively used as a revision tool for our year 10 and 11 pupils at Warlingham, if they don’t understand something they can use the platform to look it up. They can also do it at home or online and sometimes that online learning is an easier way to take it in.”

EDClass has been helping thousands of students reach their educational goals and allowed attainment levels to be maintained. Ms Compton-Jones said:

“I absolutely would recommend EDClass. I think it’s a brilliant learning platform for those students that need it and the tools for revision when going through year 10 and 11 are invaluable.”

If you would like some information on how EDClass can help you then please call 01909 568 338, send an email to [email protected], book a demo here or take a look at the store to see what lessons are offered here.

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