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KAZ Mainstream and SEN Dyslexia Typing Tutor, KAZ Type Limited

Taylor’s International School demonstrates KAZ’s typing software in the ‘live classroom’ at Bett Asia

Taylor's International School

Mr. Iain Stevens, Head of Curriculum Support at Taylor’s International School. KL. said, “The product does exactly what it says on the box”.

Whilst demonstrating KAZ’s Neurodiverse Typing Tutor in a ‘live classroom’ at BETT Malaysia 2017, Mr. Iain Stevens, Head of Curriculum Support at Taylor’s International School. KL. said, “The product does exactly what it says on the box”.

How did you hear about KAZ?

I first encountered KAZ-Type in 2017 at the TES SEN show in London. After being demonstrated the product, I decided it was something we definitely needed to implement in our School. Additionally, if it was good enough for the Open University, then I wanted to know more.

How important do you think the skill of touch typing is for special needs students in  today’s world?

Essential – we are really hopeful that when it comes to access arrangements it is really going to help the children a lot.

How have you implemented KAZ into your time table/learning?

Although the program was developed, tried, tested and proven to teach the A-Z keys in just 90 minutes, we have broken the program down into modules and have introduced it into the time-table at 20 minute sessions, as we really want them to learn typing skills.

What do you think of KAZ’s admin panel and recording of student progress?

The admin panel is great – it keeps us up to date as to where the children are in the course, displays their speed and accuracy scores but most importantly, it’s simple and easy to use.

KAZ offering both a mainstream and SEN/Dyslexia edition in their school license – has this helped?

I think this is an excellent feature as the whole class can learn together.

How efficient has KAZ been and are the children enjoying it?

We are over the moon so far with the results it is producing and are pleased with the way the children are making progress. They are using all their fingers which is exactly what they are supposed to be doing.

Is the fact that KAZ online can be used at school and at home a positive feature?

Definitely, being able to learn from both home and school makes this learning tool very effective.

What do you think of KAZ?

I think its features are excellent. One of the things which attracted me to the program was the Dyslexia Screen, where you can change the fonts, the colours and so on. When I looked at other programs, they couldn’t actually do that and that was one of the reasons why I like this program in particular.

KAZ’s Neurodiverse typing tutor was shortlisted as a Bett Finalist 2019. The aim of the award is to reward products that make a distinct contribution to supporting learners with special educational needs.


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