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Sparx Maths,

The power of Sparx in partnership with Cranbrook Secondary School

Cranbrook Education Campus

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“Sparx has given me a sense of empowerment in the classroom and has enhanced my teaching delivery immensely” – Adele Searle, Maths Teacher

A conversation with Adele Searle, Maths Teacher.

We spoke to Adele Searle, Maths Teacher at Cranbrook Secondary School. Adele is an experienced maths teacher and has been using Sparx for 6 months. We discuss how Sparx has fitted into her usual teaching practices and the positive impact this has had for her and her students.

“Students are motivated, inspired and fully engaged throughout all sections of each lesson.”

What’s the greatest benefit to using Sparx for your students?

Students are motivated, inspired and fully engaged throughout all sections of each lesson and are improving their mathematical skill whilst using the Sparx learning platform. Traditional mathematics lessons are like giving a student a book to read whilst sitting in a dark room. Sparx delivers mathematics tailored to the individual, encourages enablement and inspires pupils to want to learn.

How useful do you find the teacher dashboard?

The teacher dashboard feature gives me a real-time insight into the progress of each learner. I am able to provide assistance to those who require scaffolding and give instant praise to pupils who are making significant progress.

Did you find it difficult to introduce Sparx?

Sparx provided excellent training, support and an insightful introduction on how to use the system and teach with the software. My students were very quick to respond and were able to grasp the basics in no time. It soon became apparent that Sparx was an essential part of the tapestry of their positive, safe, animated and motivational learning environment.

Have you found that Sparx has given you more time to teach?

I have more time to tailor my teaching to each individual and I am able to deliver a personalised learning programme which benefits all pupils whilst covering the essential mathematical components of the curriculum with ease. The ‘flow’ of each lesson is astounding and demonstrates how Sparx provides teachers with the ‘time to teach’ in the classroom.

How has Sparx affected the way you teach?

Sparx has given me a sense of empowerment in the classroom and has enhanced my teaching delivery immensely. My lessons are more cohesive, every minute counts and the Sparx system allows me to stretch and challenge more able learners whilst giving me the time to support and encourage pupils who find some concepts more challenging.

Homework is tailored to suit the needs of each student and they are given opportunities to complete compulsory homework, as well as optional and targeted tasks. I am now a ‘smart marker’ when marking books as the system provides ‘insights’ into pupil performance on homework and I can access live lesson information or use lesson feedback to identify areas for praise and points for improvement. Pupils are given dedicated improvement and reflection time to respond to marking comments so that they identify their strengths and take ownership of specific targets.

Do you feel that Sparx is supporting your students and you?

Sparx promotes lifelong learning amongst my students, using materials which are relevant to pupils’ learning goals and it connects our classroom with the real world. As well as providing a motivational learning environment, Sparx promotes a sense of wellbeing and confidence with mathematical subject knowledge and my students benefit from immediate feedback, guidance delivered via video instructions and they are able to learn without being constrained. Pupils are able to work individually and collaboratively whilst using a variety of techniques and activities; to emphasise key points and using tools which reach all types of learning style. They are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and are encouraged to meet success criteria for their quality of written communication, using book work checks.

What’s the best insight Sparx gives you as a teacher?

Sparx boosts attainment and supports the progress made by each individual whilst helping to close the gap, ignite ambition and promote aspirational goals. The system highlights each pupil’s strengths and targets areas for improvement. The combination of lessons, bespoke homework, activities and educational games enhance the teacher-led sections of each lesson. Sparx makes effective use of my mathematical subject knowledge whilst allowing me to personalise the teaching delivery to suit my own individual style. Expeditionary learning and the evolution of Sparx in the classroom allows me to encompass traditional teaching, differentiated instruction and focus learners’ attention using technological methods. Sparx provides a contemporary classroom environment which suits a diverse range of abilities and delivers inclusion, resilience and self-esteem. Pupils are able to celebrate their mathematical success as part of their Sparx educational journey.

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