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Using Twig in our KS3 Scheme of Work

Mossbourne Academy, London

Age Range

Before Twig, teachers at Mossbourne Academy already used a lot of video content.

These were shortened video clips taken from old schools programming, or films and animations downloaded from free online sources, every one stored on a separate video drive within the school computer network.

Then Mossbourne Academy began teaching with Twig. Teachers typed the core theme of their lesson plan into Twig and the search engine found the perfect content. They used the navigation to find whole collections of relevant content that tie in with the learning point in question. Teachers then downloaded transcripts to quickly preview content before using a film and the related learning materials to support further planning and class discussions.

Shortly after implementing Twig across the science department the KS3 Scheme of Work was reviewed. Nearly every lesson features Twig content and teachers have found that not only does it engage all students in the class with its modern visual and narrative, but it also perfectly supports the learning and understanding they want to deliver.

“I had become disillusioned by the lack of high quality, consistent resources. So when we were presented with Twig, and the website was manageable and logical, we bought into it right away. I decided to incorporate Twig into our KS3 Scheme of Work right from the first time I saw it. It is so easy to navigate the videos, you can type in what you need and then happy days, you have what you need. That’s why we’re using it more and more and why we’re using our old films less and less.”

Henry Palmer, Head of Science

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