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Teach the next generation of coders: take coding from concept to reality

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Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools. Students will gain a secure understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables, as well as developing computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning and problem solving. And best of all: students and teachers alike will be able to demonstrate their creativity by creating their own apps and sharing them with their classmates and colleagues!

Coding accounts for half of the Computing programme of study. Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools:

  • Step-by-step lessons guide teachers and pupils through a thoughtfully graduated sequence.
  • Video tutorials present the code that pupils will learn and highlight correct terminology.
  • Debugging tasks and error codes help pupils problem solve.
  • Free code ignites pupils’ creativity.
  • Comprehensive lesson plans ensure all teachers are fully supported.

Pupil and Teacher Home Access is available as part of a Discovery Education Coding Subscription. If existing Coding subscribers do not have this activated, please contact Discovery Education. Should your school not subscribe to Discovery Education Coding please contact us to discuss how we can support your schools during a period of extended closure. Full access to the Discovery Education Coding service will be provided, and no payment details will be required. Access will be through a username and password and will be provided for the duration of the school’s closure or disruption.

  • GESS Education Awards Finalist 2019
  • BETT Award 2020 Finalist
  • ERA Finalist 2020
£235 per annum

A subscription is based on the number of pupils on your school roll. Annual charges are based on the following price bands:

Under 100: £235

101-200: £335

201+: £435

Trial Options
Sample lesson units available on Discovery Education website

Feel free to try some block coding  sample lessons from the block coding area and experience Discovery Education Coding for yourself.

Building collaboration and problem-solving skills with Discovery Education Coding

Case Study

Simon Haughton, Computing Lead at Parkfield Primary School in Rochdale, shares his experience of teaching with Discovery Education Coding.

“It’s really important that children get to grips with coding – it’s an important skill for the future, so it’s great that our students enjoy Discovery Education Coding so much.”
Jeanine Miller, All Saints Primary School, Manchester

Learning to code with purpose with Discovery Education Coding

Case Study

Hannah Tudor, Headteacher of St Mary of Charity Primary School in Kent, shares her experience of teaching with Discovery Education Coding.

"Our children have really enjoyed learning some basic programming skills using Discovery Education Coding. It is very easy and straightforward to use, with the children making progress quickly and seeing the results straight away."
Helen Wiles, ICT Leader, St. Peter's Catholic Primary School, Lytham

Helping every child achieve with Discovery Education Coding

Case Study

Martyn Ode, Computing Lead at St Oswald’s Catholic Primary School in Wigan, shares his experience of teaching with Discovery Education Coding

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