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SMART Learning Suite (SLS) (Including SMART Notebook® & SMART Learning Suite Online)


Transform static content into interactive experiences

Product Type

SMART Learning Suite (SLS) software allows you to take static content and make interactive lessons using the SMART Notebook® element of SLS.

It is available for Windows® or Mac® and comes with lesson creation tools, subject-specific features and time-saving templates that are easy to customise, for all age groups and subjects.

If you choose to use the online version (SMART Learning Suite Online) you can also add interactive game-based and collaborative activities to a variety of file types, and send lessons to student devices so they can complete individual handouts or work together in shared workspaces.

It is a powerful, easy to use tool for teachers, here are some specific things you can do using SMART Learning Suite Online;

Lesson creation and delivery

• Quickly and easily create interactive lessons from PDF and PowerPoint® files, and Google Slides, Docs and Sheets
• Send lessons to a SMART Board® with iQ and share lessons to student devices or with other teachers
• Seamlessly transition between teacher-paced and student paced anytime during lesson delivery and control lessons from a device

Game-based activities

• Use compelling graphics, animations and sounds to keep students engaged at a SMART Board or on their devices
• Add a theme to an existing question set, or make a new game in under 5 minutes using the activity creation wizard
• Choose from many activity options: multiple choice races, sorting exercises, fill in the blanks and many more

Formative assessments

• Easily guide instruction based on real-time insights into student comprehension
• Create a formative assessment in a few minutes and have students answer questions on any device
• Get instant reports on student understanding without breaking lesson flow

Collaborative workspaces

• In SLS Online, instantly convert any lesson page into a collaborative workspace
• Students co-create inside or outside of class by simultaneously adding content to the workspace from their devices
• Facilitate whole-class or small-group collaboration by guiding student contributions at a SMART Board or from a device

£0 one-off cost

Pricing is calculated per teacher per year, with discounts available for existing users of SMART hardware products. The cost decreases based on the number of licenses you purchase and the length of your plan.

Pricing is available upon application from a SMART authorised reseller partner

SMART Notebook basic version and a bonus 1-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite is included with the purchase of any SMART Board

Start a free 45-day trial by clicking on take a free trial.

Trial Options
45 days

Try SMART Learning Suite

Start a free 45-day trial to experience how you can transform static content into interactive lessons.

What’s included

  • SMART Learning Suite Online
  • SMART Notebook desktop software


“The activities look really, really impressive, but they’re not that difficult to make,” “We have regular training sessions with our staff. They’ll be looking at SMART lab™ one session, 3D objects the next; they almost want to leave the room straight away to go and prep that, which is lovely.”
James Grayston, Deputy Head Teacher, Sharlston Community School, West Yorkshire
“We have a number of children, 3 or 4 years ago, we weren't able to get them to come out of their shell,” “What we found with technology, and in particular if I take SMART amp™ as an example, the children have suddenly found a voice.”
David Denchfield, Head Teacher, Benhurst Primary School, Essex
“Because children tend to be very visual learners, it’s there, in front of the classroom,” “They remember things that are presented to them in a multimedia capacity. There’s no passive learning – they’re all active learning. The teacher has got the whole class in the palm of her hand.”
Julie Dunderdale-Smith, Head Teacher, Sharlston Community School, West Yorkshire

Unlocking student greatness

Case Study

Head Teacher Lorna Kemplay knows engaging visuals and lively lessons are a necessity to get children hooked early on reading, writing and maths.

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