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Autonomous Vehicle Kit

Twin Science & Robotics

Teachs the concepts of self-driving car technologies and artificial intelligence

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The Autonomous Vehicle Kit teaches children about the concepts of self-driving car technology. They can build their own self-driving and remote-controlled cars. Designed to be compatible with the LEGO® bricks, our kit empowers kids to unleash their imagination. Using the Twin Coding app, they can code their projects and learn the science behind these technologies. The kit includes an F-Max Cabin so children can incorporate their own designs to the project.  It covers topics like artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and advanced-level robotic coding. Additionally, it provides a strong foundation for kids to explore sensor technology, automotive engineering, and computer programming through hands-on learning. Moreover, it includes Twin Coding Module, additional materials and robotic modules. Using the mobile app, they can start to code and build their own vehicles. One kit can be used by 2 students at the same time.  


£299.99 per pupil
Trial Options
21 days

The Autonomous Vehicle Kit will be provided to you upon your request for 21 days, and the trial period is free of charge.

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