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Teaching and reinforcing numeracy in ways which add meaning and understanding to numbers

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Numbershark offers a huge variety of games. These are designed to give meaning to numbers and number operations. The program covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with recognition of numbers to 7 digits, negative numbers, common percentages, fractions and decimals, also 2000+ worded problems and the necessary maths vocabulary. It aims to address poor attention span and short term memory, to rehearse sequencing skills and to promote good number sense. Mental maths strategies are well addressed at all levels. Rods, number line, scale, digits, words, abacus, number pad and 100 square show numbers in their many different formats. Worksheets can be printed in a wide variety of formats. Personal learning can be supported by setting up individual programs of work, and records of student activities are kept. Progress can easily be tracked.

£170 per licence
  • The above is for a single school downloadable licence. You can create as many student and staff accounts as you like. Prices are subject to vat. Other licences are available:
  • For parents interested in ordering Numbershark:

Unfortunately, there is no ‘Numbershark Online’ cloud-based subscription option.

Trial Options
14 days

Trying-out Numbershark v5

Providing a trial for Numbershark is tricky as unlike Wordshark (online), there’s no web-based, online product for Numbershark…

If you are considering purchasing multiple licences or a network product for Numbershark version ‘5’ but are required to check out Numbershark beforehand, one option is to just start with the smallest/cheapest licence which would be the ‘School Download‘. This can be installed onto one computer. You can then use Numbershark with as many students as you like. If you do need a free trial before ordering any licence, email to confirm this as there is the option of a school downloadable licence with an expiry date – normally requires installation by the IT staff in school. Please email [email protected]

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Or if you just need a little more information about the program…

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Who uses Numbershark?

What Numbershark includes/how it works

I work as an intervention teacher with students who struggle with number concepts. I have used Numbershark to help them achieve a better understanding of relative number size and place value. Through Numbershark, they can get the over learning they need to be able to deepen their understanding.
Mary Grashoff, teacher, Brackley

Wordshark 5 Trial June 2018

Case Study

Word Shark was installed on one computer and two users had access to this laptop for a period of approximately 6 weeks.

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