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Cambridge Primary Insight

Unlock the potential in your classroom

Product Type
Age Range

Cambridge Primary Insight empowers teachers to build a strong foundation and unlock the potential of primary children aged 5-11. 

See children’s strengths and weaknesses, reveal their hidden talents, and spot where they need help. Use Cambridge Primary Insight to complement your experience and intuition, tailor and transform children’s learning – and set them up for the best possible future. 

The simple, modular format helps you take your understanding of your students’ abilities to the next level – and lay a solid foundation for their progress through primary school. It really helps you understand the nuances of where a child is at and what a child knows and can do across reading, spelling, mathematics, mental arithmetic and developed ability. It’s a great way to help you unlock hidden talents and spot areas that need extra support.

There’s no marking, no prep and no fuss, so no addition to your workload. Just a genuine knowledge-boost to make your teaching even more brilliant. Find out what the children are capable of before you start teaching them – and fast-forward how you can support them.

£9.50 per pupil

Cambridge Primary Insight Core

  • Assessment
  • Core Reporting (Summary of Scores [modules only] and Individual Student Report [modules only])
  • Core onboarding and training

£9.50 per pupil


Cambridge Primary Insight Plus

  • Assessment
  • Extended pupil and class/cohort reporting (Summary of Scores [modules and sections], Individual Student Report [modules and sections] and Year Group Overview)
  • Progress measure reporting (Individual Progress and Performance Snapshot)
  • Parent reporting
  • Guidance for teaching and learning
  • Core onboarding and training

£14.50 per pupil

Trial Options
1 month

A free trial of Cambridge Primary Insight is available for up to five students at one institution.

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