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Understand the support your students need as they prepare for their A Levels.

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Alis is an adaptive baseline assessment which empowers schools to unlock the full potential of students. Specific to Key Stage 5, Alis helps you gauge an objective perspective of students’ strengths and weaknesses and see how they are likely to perform at A Level.

The assessment takes around 50 minutes. Students are assessed in three key cognitive areas which research shows are linked to later academic outcomes:

  • Vocabulary – word fluency and understanding
  • Mathematics – logical thinking, manipulating numbers and numerical concepts
  • Non-verbal – matching speed and accuracy, logical reasoning and diagrams

Alis supports you to:

  • Get a reliable and independent baseline for your students
  • Understand individual strengths and discover hidden talents
  • Motivate and encourage students to fulfil their potential with personalised learning plans
  • Continually monitor student progress at individual and cohort levels
  • Support professional judgement with objective data in predicting to A Level.
£3.75 per pupil

1-60 Students £8.50 per student

61-120 Students £5.50 per student

121+ Students £3.75 per student

There is an additional product fee of £200.

Trial Options
1 month

A free trial of Alis is available for up to five students at one institution.

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