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Coding Kit

Twin Science & Robotics

STEM kit develops kids’ natural creativity and teachs kids the fundamentals of computer programming

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With the Twin Coding Kit, children reveal the creative power at their fingertips through coding. By introducing children to both the hardware and the software, the Twin Coding Kit teaches kids the fundamentals of computer programming – one of the most sought-after STEM skills of the 21-st Century. From turning bananas into a piano to building a smart security gate, there are loads of fun activities for kids to complete. Children can choose from the ready-made activities in the guide or create their unique projects. Through imaginative play, kids aged between 9-13 get to think critically, creatively and solve problems like a real computer engineer. Unveiling the science behind parking sensors, smart street lights or automatic music boxes has never been easier- or more fun! This kit operates in a hybrid environment, and it is compatible with Twin app and Twin Coding (where they can use block codes to operate their modules), as well as the web coding platform Students can find new projects or share their creations. Additionally, one kit can be used by 2 students at the same time.


£84.99 per pupil
Trial Options
21 days

The coding kit will be provided to you upon your request for 21 days, and the trial period is free of charge.

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