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Cognitive Abilities Test CBSE Edition (CAT4)

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CAT4 is standardised against the CBSE curriculum, to provide indicators of likely outcomes.

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CAT4 measures students’ ability to reason with different types of material, allowing schools to assess the way that a student thinks and how they will learn best. This enables personalised teaching and learning and supports feedback and target-setting for future attainment. 

Understand potential

The CAT4: CBSE edition enables schools following the Indian curriculum to gain valuable insights into student potential,witha range of information including indicators of each students likely outcomes in future CBSE examinationsThese comparisons and indicators are based on standardisation data from more than 12,000 students who have taken the CAT4 tests and who follow the CBSE curriculum.

Assess strengths and weaknesses

CAT4 identifies students’ strengths, weaknesses and thinking preferences, providing accurate and reliable information for teaching and learning. Results also help schools to identify gifted and talented students and those who may be under-achieving, as well as those who may have unrecognised special educational needs. Reports provide teachers with recommendations for teaching and learning, based on each individual student’s results.

Set targets

CAT4: CBSE edition provides schools with indicators for a student’s likely outcomes in future examinations. Indicators for likely performance are available for key subjects at Grade X and Grade XIIincluding English Communicative, Hindi, Mathematics and Science. These indicators can be used by schools to set realistic, but challenging, target grades for students and help to set a reliable benchmark against which future progress can be measured.

Support EAL learners

CAT4 provides a unique profile of students’ strengths and weaknesses across four areas (or batteries): VerbalNon- VerbalQuantitative and Spatial Reasoning. As the test is not based on any curriculum or dependent on prior learning, it offers a fair assessment of ability regardless of a student’s prior schooling. Three of the four batteries are not reliant on knowledge of the English language, so the test is ideal for assessing EAL students. 

£14.40 per pupil
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