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Pobble provides award-winning digital tools for improving writing.

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Pobble is shown to improve pupils’ speed, confidence and enjoyment of writing, whilst reducing teacher workload. The platform is supported by the UK Department for Education as a recipient of the Edtech Innovation Fund.

Pobble’s writing tools allow teachers and their pupils to:

  • easily access high quality, curriculum aligned content at school or at home
  • save time with age specific lessons already built by the Pobble teachers
  • search the world’s largest bank of children’s writing examples sorted by age, topic and genre
  • connect with a worldwide community to publish work, share lessons, engage in peer assessment and moderate writing assessment judgements.

This reduces teacher workload and improves pupil attainment. Pobble won the Bett award for the Best Classroom Aid for Learning, Teaching and Assessment and the GESS award for Best Paid ICT Product.

UCL research show that Pobble improves pupils’ speed, confidence and enjoyment of writing, whilst reducing teacher lesson planning time by 39%.

£40 per annum

Pobble allows you to choose the right package for your school.

Teacher tools

‘Pobble for me’ teacher accounts. Save time by using high quality, curriculum aligned content built by Pobble teachers for teachers. From £4 / teacher per month or £40 / teacher per year

Teacher + pupil tools

‘Pobble for my class’ – Give pupils a real purpose for writing and provide them with tools to write, improve and publish their work. Developed with the UK Department for Education. From £80 / year per teacher*

Whole school packages

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14 days

14 day free trial, when you sign up to an individual teacher account via the take a free trial button

Water Primary to the World

Case Study

“Since Pobble our standards in writing have improved. Not only in progress and attainment, but also in the depth, creativity and engagement”

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